1. Valhalla has a basic set of simulation rules. If this is not your first sim experience, you have likely encountered most, or all, of these before.

a. Only write for your Player Character (PC), your linked Non-Player Characters (NPCs - also called "Secondaries"), and the "Public" (unlinked) NPCs that are available for use to all players. Avoid controlling anyone else's PCs or secondary characters unless they have given you explicit permission in Discord or by Nova DM (in this case, please put an OOC note at the bottom of the joint post).

b. Avoid "Metagaming", ie. using your out-of-character knowledge to give your PCs or NPCs in-game knowledge they would not otherwise have.

c. Avoid "God Syndrome" or "Super-heroism." Please stick to your character's biography and don't spontaneously generate new skills or talents to solve a crisis or give your character an edge (unless approved by the GM).

d. Keep OOC Drama Out. While we aim to create a close knit environment among our simmers, the Game Managers recognize that it's possible not everyone is going to get along. If you and another player have a disagreement, keep it out of the sim and off the public Discord. If you are having issues with bullying or intimidation from another player, PLEASE contact the GMs immediately!

2. This Sim is intended to be a safe place where POC (people of colour) and all LGBTQ+ persons can feel included and able to explore their own fictions. We recognize that eliminating exclusionary practices in our society is a process that can't be fixed with a snap of a finger. As such, please be aware of the following rules to ensure this sim is a welcoming place for all:

a. Engaging in out-of-character prejudice towards players, either directly or indirectly, will not be tolerated. At the same time, we will approach any offender with understanding and allow them restorative justice to those they offended.

b. Willful, repetitive, or blatantly offensive actions will result in the GMs asking the offender to leave. Up until then, we would be happy to talk and help foster understanding with diverse groups.

c. Please come into this game with your best intentions toward those who may be different from you.

3. The Valhalla sim is centered around the day-to-day lives of members of Starbase 417 • Valhalla, officers of Starfleet's 10th Fleet, and civilian support characters. Because of the nature of this sim and the level of responsibility placed on its characters, we are expecting players to engage with some more mature and complex topics, including those you might find in high stress, interpersonal relationships. As such, the Valhalla sim is for players 18+. The following specific guidelines should be kept in mind while simming:

a. While there is no minimum monthly activity required for players to stay on the sim, we like to encourage players to let us know if they plan to take a long break from the sim.

b. When creating secondary characters or NPCs, please only create characters you will actively use (or reference, in the case of NPCs) so as to not clog up the roster unnecessarily.

c. If you are involved in a plot arc or a joint-post, please do your best to stay on top of your tags.

d. Mature language and swearing is permitted with some limitations (nothing excessive or inflammatory toward minorities, etc.)

e. Scenes with sex are "fade to/from black." An act of sex can be mentioned, initiated or concluded, but not described. If a post contains sexual contact, please tag it as 18+ in the tags section located under the text areas of the post. This filters it from public view.

f. Scenes depicting sexual contact with or between children or sexual violence/contact toward children are prohibited.

g. Scenes of violence can be depicted, but should be done with taste. Please do not include excessive or gory details.