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Greetings everyone!

Our first event for the Idols of Fortune mission will be Lohlunat.

The Lohlunat (meaning "Festival of the Moon") is an annual Risian celebration of cultural diversity and hospitality that lures countless tourists from all across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to Risa each year. In 2399, the festival coincides with the 150th year of Risa's membership in the Federation. Celebrations to commemorate this event will not only take place on Risa, but in several locations across the Federation.

A visiting delegation from Risa will be hosting several cultural events during the month-long celebration on Starbase Valhalla. Events include lectures on Risian culture, music and theatre performances, sporting events, a display of select historical artifacts and holodeck recreations of Risian locations. Personnel are encouraged to take part in Lohlunat traditions, such as story exchanges where a Risian delegate shares an aspect of their culture with you, and in turn you share an aspect of your culture with them.

The festival will take place for four weeks from 2399-09-10 to 2399-10-01. The official opening will be held on the 10th, but delegates and visitors will begin to arrive on 2399-09-01 and as such I've set the start date of the Idols of Fortune mission to the 1st.

Helpful info:
- Risa (Memory Alpha)
- Risian (Memory Alpha)

Optional info:
- Risa (Memory Beta)
- Risian (Sim Central)

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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