Commander Alexi Romanoff

Name Alexi Romanoff

Position Director of Security

Second Position Senior Staff

Rank Commander


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Thu Apr 7th, 2022 @ 6:23pm


Age 30
Gender Male (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns He, Him, His
Orientation Heterosexual
User Played by Glenn


Height 6'4"
Build Muscular
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


Birth Date July 7, 2369
Birth Place Novgorovia III
Languages English, Russian, Federatio Standard


Career Security Director
Posting Starbase 417 • Valhalla
Authentication Romanoff-4-7-Zeta-Purple
Serial # KE-186-903-036


Medical Notes Various scars on his body.


Traits Romanoff uses his off time reviewing reports and evaluations of his staff.
He uses his brain before resorting to his brawn.
Motivation His duty motivates him.
He had no life...only duty.
His only goal, do the best he can everyday.
Interests Doesn't play any kind of sports.
Listens to Russian folk music.
Reads Russian books.
Favorite food is Russian food.


Family Father
Friendships Only friends he has are back on his home world.
Romances A former lover on his home planet.

Personal History Was born on the planet Novgorovia III.
His people traveled here to escape the Eugenics Wars. Khan Noonien Singh and others, conquered 2/3 of Earth before an army rose to dispose him and the other leaders.
In Russia, scientists experimented with DNA, not to create supersoldiers to conquer the world, but to create a better race of humans, to prolong life and increase intelligence.
A multi-generational ship was constructed. It was a Ram scoop design, built to collect stellar material so the ship could jump to warp 0.0=95 for a short burst. There was room enough for 1000 people. Only the most brilliant minds, and the bravest and pure Russians, were be selected. People were born, lived and died on this ship, most never setting foot on another planet.
Food was grown in hydroponic labs. Livestock were bred and slaughtered for meat. Marriages were arranged to ensure proper offspring.
Scout ships were built to scan suitable planets, and landing parties collected.
The journey took centuries.
Until one day, a planet appeared.
The world, christened Novgorovia III, was larger then Earth. Suitable oxygen. Gravity slightly higher then Earth.
A survey team was sent to scout the planet and to find a suitable area for the colony. The teams reported that there was no humanoid life on the planet, abundant animal and fish life were available.
An area was selected, near a coast, with abundant materials to build.

Generations lived and died on their new planet, alone from outside contact....till one day, a race of unknown aliens somehow appeared on the planet. They immediately attacked the colony, killing many people. Two groups of Russians organized and went out to fight the invaders. Using bows and arrows, knives and hands, they tracked the invaders, drove them into a canyon. The aliens had some kind of energy weapons that killed many.
It took many deaths, but finally, the last of the invaders was captured, dragged to the colony, and mad to stand before the Council. The alien had ridges on top of his head.
The alien was judged, and put to death, but not before he gave up the codes to access his ship in orbit.
A squad returned to the ship, killed the few aliens left. With their superior intelligence and scientific knowledged, it took them a short while how to operate the ship. They landed the ship near a large cave, where the ship was stored and examined. The computer on the ship said that the ship was called a "Bird Of Prey".

The First Ones, those who left Earth, were the first to be genetically altered to be a superior human. And as the years passed, those born later still inherited the modification, even to the newest born.

A Federation ship made contact, and a small scout ship landed near the colony. 5 humans stepped out. They weren't augmented.
They told of Khan's defeat, and death by the hands of James Kirk.
The Council made the decision not to reveal their true nature to these Federation people.

Days passed, and the Federation people were treated with respect. And they provided the colony with advanced medical supplies.
The next day, the Council revealed the truth to the humans.

The captain of the Federation ship, contacted his superiors. When the answer came, it was decided that these people, who had left Earth, were still part of the Federation.

Service Record Since the inhabitants of Novgorovia III were classifed as members of the Federation, they were able to attend Starfleet Academy.
Alexi Romanoff was the first one to apply.
Romanoff took all the physiological and intelligence tests.
He passed all the tests, scoring 100%.

Based on the evaluations, Romanoff was permitted to enter the Academy, starting with what would be a cadet's 3rd year.

Romanoff worked hard and evevtually caught up with his classmates by the end of the first quarter.
Romanoff was taunted because of his background. A few cadets tried to befriend him.

By the end of his senior year, Cadet Romanoff finished in the top 3% of the class.

His first assignment was the USS Utopia, as security officer, rank of ensign.
After 3 years, he had risen to the rank of lieutenant commander and had received numerous commendations and awards.

His new posting was Director of Security for Starbase 417.