Lieutenant Commander Stephen Jacobs

Name Stephen Alec Jacobs

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Thu Feb 17th, 2022 @ 12:38am


Age 58
Gender Male (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns He, Him, His
Orientation Heterosexual
User Played by Tibbs


Height 6' 2"
Build 12st 13lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown peppered grey and white
Eye Color Blue


Birth Date February 26th 2341
Birth Place Hereford. England.
Languages English / Federation Standard


Career Counsellor
Posting Starbase 417 • Valhalla
Authentication Jacobs-9-4-Tau-Black
Serial # LC-401-228-159


Distinguishing Features Tall,slim and fairly athletic looking. Slightly receding hairline. Trimmed beard and moustache which, like his hair, are also showing signs of turning grey/white.


Traits Stephen is quietly spoken, a calm and confident person.
With the Captains' permission, he mostly dresses in civilian clothing as an aid to informality. He considers that as an advantage in putting his patients at ease rather than wearing a more formal uniform.
He often appears rather scruffy or unkempt but is unconcerned by this.
His spare time is given over to reading both fiction and non fiction and also writing acclaimed compositions/discourses based upon his work and experience.
He is an easy going character, likable on the whole.
Motivation Not really any to fulfill with more years behind than in front. He enjoys his work and all that it has brought him and hopes to continue as long as he is needed.
Interests People watching from a comfortable seat on the promenade usually.


Family Mother Meredith Louise Jacobs (nee Morriss) Widow
Father David Alan Jacobs (deceased)
Brother Ivan Jacobs
Friendships Many including James Eve. They met at the Academy when James attended a lecture Stephen was giving.
Romances Elissa Ross

Jaqueline Hanswell

Personal History He was born in February 2341, the younger of two sons born to David and Meredith Jacobs.
On leaving school he applied to and was accepted by Starfleep to study psychology, graduating in 2363.He continued studying gaining his PhD in 2366
Over the next two decades he spent time on Starbases,colonies and Starships reaching the rank of Lt Cmdr but refusing further promotions.
During USS Heyerdahls extensive re-fit, Stephen returned to StarFleet Academy in the capacity of an instructor. This aspect appealed to him a great deal
Returning to Heyerdahl. he was present when stasis pods missing for a century and more were retrieved from Tau Lyrae one of which contained Robyn Maxwell. He took a great interest in her recovery and subsequent progress forming a close friendship with her.
He joined SB Valhalla in 2398

Service Record 2359.08.xx Enrols at Starfleet Academy
2363.09.xx Graduates from Starfleet Academy
2364.10.xx Posted to Aldebaran III as Junior Counselor, rank Ensign
2368.10.xx Transfers to the USS Heyerdahl as Counselor, rank Lieutenant JG
2369.11.xx Transfers to Procyon Colony as Counselor at Starfleet Base
2373.xx.xx Transfers to Starfleet Academy as lecturer in Conflict Mediation, rank Lieutenant
2376.xx.xx Transfers to the USS Heyerdahl as Chief Counselor
2380.xx.xx Promotion to Lieutenant Commander
2383.xx.xx Transfers to Starbase 18 as Chief Counselor
2385.xx.xx Confidential Assignment
2389.xx.xx Transfers to Starfleet Academy as lecturer in Interpersonal Relations
2395.xx.xx Transfers to USS Halstead Chief Counselor
2398.xx.xx Transfers to StarBase Valhalla as Chief Counselor