Ensign Freya Sandison

Name Freya Amelia Sandison

Position Phytological Sciences Officer

Rank Ensign


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Thu Feb 17th, 2022 @ 12:38am


Age 23
Gender Female (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns She, Her, Hers
Orientation Heterosexual
User Played by Tibbs


Height 5 :4"
Build 8 st.4lbs
Hair Color Mousey Brown
Eye Color Blue


Birth Date November 4th 2376
Birth Place .England. Earth
Languages English (N) Federation Standard French


Career Starfleet Phytological Science Officer
Posting Starbase 417 • Valhalla
Authentication Sandison-six-eight-kappa-grey
Serial # SJ-030-698


Distinguishing Features Freya is very softly spoken.
Medical Notes None of note


Traits Freya is an optimist, a friendly young woman who enjoys the company of like minded souls. She works best either alone or as part of a team and at present has no ambition to run departments or such like.
She comes from a very loving family which meant she felt torn at leaving them so far away and striking her chosen career.
Motivation Freyas choice of a Starfleet career came as a surprise to her family. It took her some time to think it out and to know her decision was sound. Having made up her mind. her sights were set on a fulfilling career doing something she loves.
Interests Freya is an amateur artist and gained acclaim during her teens. She loves to paint but chose a career in Botanical science over her canvas and brushes. She has not regretted it and continues her art work as a relaxing hobby into which she can sink for hours at a time.
She enjoys a natural world and is satisfied to have work concerned with it.


Family Father....Gerald Thomas Sandison.
Mother...Helene Jaqueline Sandison (nee Toussant)
Brother...Amaury Gerald (Known as Tom)

Paternal grandparents Brian and Jenny
Maternal grandparents Clement and Sylvie

First Cousin once removed (Mothers Cousin)...Valencia Helnir

Two Aunts two Uncles three cousins
Friendships Tabitha Vale. Met at the Academy
Romances Arien Dakel From friendship to romance to friendship. Lots of dreams lots of laughter some tears no regrets

Personal History Freya was born in November 2376 the second child and only daughter to loving parents. Her brother Tom is four years older. Many happy holidays were spent with their maternal grandmother in a somewhat dilapidated modest chateau in Perigord. It was she who instilled a love of wild life in all its forms into the children.
She wasn't the greatest of scholars but did well enough to gain entrance to Starfleet four months after her 18th birthday. This decision had not come quickly and had caused consternation for her parents when it was announced. Her brother though knew of the inner debate Freya had had and was able to wish her well.
Always artistic, the thought had been that she would make a growing name for herself but a wish to see wider and more varied worlds than her own had pointed her towards Starfleet. It was a wrench to leave her family but something she did not regret on the whole.
Her posting to Starbase 417 was more than she had hoped for having seen herself in a small colony or ship
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2394..2398

Starbase 417 (Valhalla) 2399