Idols of Fortune

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As Risa celebrates 150 years of Federation membership, a Risian delegation arrives at Valhalla to commemorate the anniversary and host a number of cultural events.
Period: 2399-09-01 — Present
Events: Lohlunat

Start Date Wed Nov 24th, 2021 @ 9:14pm
End Date Thu Jan 1st, 2099 @ 9:14pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
by Lieutenant Commander Stephen Jacobs & Lieutenant JG Tabitha Vale & Ensign Freya Sandison
Date 2399-09-02 at 0930 The Tin Goose. Starbase 417
Daily Security Report
by Commander Alexi Romanoff
Date 2399-09-01 at 2200 Security Office
Welcome Aboard
by Rear Admiral Anra Dacour & Commander Alexi Romanoff
Date 2399-09-01 at 1400 Admiral's Office
A New Arrival
by Doctor Valencia Helnir & Lieutenant Commander Stephen Jacobs & Ensign Freya Sandison
Date 2399-09-01 at 1300 SB 417, Main Concourse
by Commander Alexi Romanoff
Date 2399-09-01 at 0800 Promenade
First Impressions
by Lieutenant JG James Eve & Ensign Freya Sandison
Date 2399-08-31 at 1150 Pan Galactic Cruiser 'Riviera'

Mission Summary