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Daily Security Report

Posted on Sat Mar 12th, 2022 @ 7:25pm by Commander Alexi Romanoff

Mission: Idols of Fortune
Location: Security Office
Summary: Reporting numerous security infractions on the station
Timeline: Date 2399-09-01 at 2200

Alexi sat behind his desk, located in his in the security section. On the screens on his wall were a dozen computer screens showing him various parts of the station. The screens on his desk also showed sections of the station.

"Computer, open a daily security log."

The computer responded, "Daily security log ready."

"Security log for 2399-09-01. Time is 2200 hours. Commander Romanoff reporting." Alexi leaned back in his chair and took a sip of his iced green tea. "It's been a busy day. There were 4 cargo ships that tried to smuggle in contraband onto the station. The contraband included illegal drugs and weapons. In all, 14 arrests were made, ranging from the ship's captain to the ship's crews. 5 people, from the station, were also arrested and charged with receiving the smuggled contraband."

"Other arrests include 4 cases of domestic violence, 3 robberies, 6 charges of shoplifting, and 5 charges for drunk and disorderly. The last charges were involving the stations drinking establishments. All charged have been advised of their rights, and all prisoners have been given a meal, according to regs. A list of charges has been sent to the stations judicial officer."

Alexi checked his notes. "Computer close report."

He got up from his desk and walked to the holding cells to check on the prisoners. The brig duty officer reported no problems with the prisoner. Alexi made 1 trip around the area, to check for himself. Not that he didn't trust his officer, but being the security director, anything that went wrong was on his head.

Satisfied that everything was alright, he left the security officer, and made his usual walk along the public areas of the station, making sure all the shops that were supposed to be closed, actually were. Then he made stops at the drinking establishments to make sure they were operating normally.

And, when that was finished, he headed to his quarters to get some sleep.


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