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Posted on Thu Apr 7th, 2022 @ 6:23pm by Commander Alexi Romanoff

Mission: Idols of Fortune
Location: Promenade
Timeline: Date 2399-09-01 at 0800

Alexi, dressed in his uniform, left the security office and started his patrol on the promenade.

A majority of the stores were now open, and many of the shop owners greeted Alexi as he walked by. Some offered a drink of water, or a coffee, or just a simple "Hello.".

Alexi always turned down the offers and returned the greetings.

The promenade was long. It wrapped around the station.

He checked in with the bar owners, making sure everything was peaceful. He passed someone sleeping on one of the benches. Alexi nudged him awake and told him to return to his quarters.

Many of the women who ran shops smiled as he passed. Some called out. "Good morning, Commander, pleasure to see you.". Some openly flirted with him. "I'm free tonight, commander." one woman remarked.

When he reached the halfway point of his patrol, a Bajoran woman, who ran a shop that had clothing and assorted religious items, was standing in front of her shop. The woman was breathtakingly beautiful.

Alexi stopped and talked with her.


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