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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Tue Feb 1st, 2022 @ 9:07pm by Rear Admiral Anra Dacour & Commander Alexi Romanoff

Mission: Idols of Fortune
Location: Admiral's Office
Summary: Commander Romanoff, Valhalla's new Director of Security, reports to Admiral Dacour in her office.
Timeline: Date 2399-09-01 at 1400

= Starbase Commander's Officer =

It took Romanoff more time then he had hoped to arrange passage to the Valhalla station. There were no Federation starships headed in the direction of Valhalla, so he had to book passage on a Klingon ship to reach the station.

By the time he arrived, he quickly made his way to the Admiral's office to report in. When he got there, he pressed the door chime and waited.

Rear Admiral Anra Dacour looked up from her desk where she had been studying the latest report from the communications department when she saw a large, imposing man in uniform standing on the other side of the glass door of her office. "Enter," she said loudly and the doors slid open. As he stepped inside, she recognised him as her new Director of Security.

Alexi walked in the office, and stopped before the Admiral. "Commander Alexi Romanoff, reporting for duty, admiral."

"Commander Romanoff," she said as she walked around the desk and extended her hand to him, a polite smile warming her face. "Welcome to Valhalla. Please, take a seat. Can I offer you anything to drink? I heard you had to catch a ride on a Klingon ship from your last assignment to get here. I can imagine you might need a drink after that, no?" Her smile turned slightly mischievous as she walked towards the replicator.

He remained standing, because it wasn't polite to sit in the presence of an admiral. "Water would be fine, admiral. After spending time on a Klingon ship, it took awhile to get over the stench...not to mention drinking Bloodwine with every meal." He wasn't going to mention the Klingon women trying to bed him, to see if he could survive them.

"Two waters, lightly chilled," Anra ordered and the two glasses appeared in the replicator tray. Walking over to Romanoff, she handed him one and then raised her glass to him. "To your future on Valhalla."

Alexi raised his glass to her. "And to the success of the Valhalla, admiral."

"Your staff are looking forward to meeting you, Commander," the Admiral continued and handed him a padd from her desk. "As I'm sure you read in your brief on the way over, Valhalla is hosting a contingent of Risian delegates in celebration of their 150th year of Federation membership. We've arranged for a number of events to be held across the starbase, beginning on the 10th in nine days. We're expecting a large number of visitors to the base during that time, and they've slowly started to arrive. I'd like you to increase security in the civilian sectors, specifically on the promenade. I'm not expecting any trouble, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. You know how easily things can get out of hand... especially with our Klingon friends."

"I'm going to place the security staff on 12 hour shifts to handle the work load." He studied the padd. "And I'll personally make sure the Klingons behave themselves....or they'll be spending time in the brig."

"I'm glad to hear that, Commander," the Admiral nodded, pleased with his plans. "We have a very large brig, so room enough for all of them if they misbehave," she chuckled. "There will be a number of Starfleet ships from the 10th fleet stopping by, so if you need additional security personnel you can put in a request with their CO's. No need to work your own staff too hard if there is additional help available."

"I'll do that, admiral." Romanoff made a note on his padd.

"Oh, I almost forgot to tell you," she added. "We have Emergency Security Hologram systems installed that can be used in select areas of the base where holo-emitters are available. It's a recent addition and your predecessor didn't like them very much so rarely used them. To be honest, I don't like them very much either; I prefer the real thing. But, if push comes to shove, it's handy to have them around."

He looked at her. "I have heard about them and read the tech manuals. They sound....interesting. I may activate them and test them, before using them in any situation, admiral."

He looked at the admiral. "Is that all, ma'am?"

"That's all for now, Commander," she confirmed with a nod. "Once again, welcome to Valhalla."

= End =

RAdm Anra Dacour
Starbase Commander
SB 417 - Valhalla

Cmdr Alexi Romanoff
Director of Security
SB 417 - Valhalla


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